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Who is SJPD Officer Terrence Campbell?

It's not about the uniform... Officer Terrence Campbell talks about his life as a professional football player and what drives him in his new life as an Officer serving the residents of San Jose.

Whats going on? We still have shootings despite COVID-19

Just sharing. This is what community buy-in looks like even in the midst of the COVID19 we continue to have homicides in our city. Less than 10 days ago we had 3 persons shot in our neighborhood, one of the shootings resulting in a homicide. A very special business in...

Taking Back Our Community

GROUP SPENDS JUNETEENTH BEAUTIFYING SOUTH FORT WORTH NEIGHBORHOOD It is the neighborhood where seven people were shot in a drive-by shooting earlier this month. On a steamy hot Monday on Fort Worth's south side, children and adults alike were taking back...

No Shots Fired

"" Monday kicked off the "no shots fired" campaign in Fort Worth. It begins with Juneteenth neighborhood cleanup event on the street where a mass shooting on June 9 that left two dead and five wounded. The community is fighting to rid the city of crime and...

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