Dr Andre Campbell M.D. - Advocate for Gun Violence Prevention

Trauma Specialist at San Francisco General Hospital Trauma Unit
Andre Campbell

After 13 years doing trauma surgery at San Francisco General Hospital, Dr. Andre Campbell knows just about everything there is to know about calamity, mayhem and long nights. On this Friday evening, when he was on call and tethered to the hospital until Saturday morning, his wife’s leftover meat loaf — his favorite — represented an oasis, a pause to look forward to. So even though he was hungry, he put off eating it.

He was catching up on paperwork in his modest, cluttered office — Campbell is General Hospital’s chief of medicine and is also chairman of surgical education at UCSF — when his beeper sounded about 7:30 p.m. on April 28. A shooting victim rode in an ambulance highballing it toward the Emergency Room three flights below. All through the hospital, the on-call trauma team hurried toward the ER.

As usual, patients were lined up on gurneys to be seen in the ER; there was a second bottleneck on the third floor, of patients who were waiting for one of the 10 operating rooms. Like most of the other practitioners at the hospital, Campbell came to General to make a difference in the lives of the unfortunate.


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