East Stroudsburg, PA ( — At the age where many kids decide to cut grass, rake leaves or shovel snow to make a few dollars, 10-year old Micaiah Brown along with his 12-year old brother Josiah Brown decided to start their own company. The idea to start came when other kids started offering them money for their new invention. The two kid entrepreneurs are now looking to raise the needed capital to cover the cost of manufacturing and marketing their new product.

It all started when they were playing in their basement and broke one of their toys. They figured out a new way to attach light to any sneaker to give it a cool illuminated look. When they went to their dad with this idea, he simply told them to register To their surprise the name was available. Dad said “I figured a name like would have already been used by someone else”. He also shared that putting detachable lights on sneakers was so much of a simple idea that maybe someone would have used the domain name already. The kids then used their own money to set up their new website,

Over the years, many sneaker companies have released sneakers that came with lights built within the sneaker. What these two kids have done is given the consumer the option to put LED lights on any sneaker of choice, in a new fashionable way.

The brothers are currently looking to raise funds for their new sneaker light business. They set up a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo at to help raise the needed funds. They plan to use money to manufacture and distribute the sneaker lights before Christmas 2016.

Josiah and Micaiah attend school in Pennsylvania and are both honor roll students in the Stroudsburg school district. They are both on their school football teams and love to play sports. They are looking forward to growing their new sneaker light business to be successful young entrepreneurs.

To support their crowdfunding campaign, visit

To learn more about the young brothers, you can visit

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