In an extended interview on Meet the Press, film director Spike Lee said he wanted his new film, Chi-Raq, to touch on “black-on-black violence” and make the point that “it’s not always policemen” killing black people.

Spike Lee argued that black activist groups like Black Lives Matter need to do much more to address black-on-black crime.

“It wasn’t a cop that killed and that executed Tyshawn Lee, the 9-year-old boy who was lured into an alleyway in Chicago’s Southside,” Lee said.

Little Tyshawn Lee’s slaying, as Breitbart News has reported, was a planned retaliatory murder, allegedly carried out by a gang member named Corey Morgan, who was seeking vengeance against Lee’s father.

“To me, I don’t care about the complexion or the color of the trigger finger. It does not matter to me. If you kill somebody, you kill somebody. It doesn’t matter who you are,” Spike Lee said.

Last month, Lee told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that black people “can’t ignore that we are killing ourselves, too.”

“We cannot be out there” protesting purported police violence “and then when it comes to young brothers killing themselves, then mums the word. No one’s saying nothing? It’s got to be both ends,” Lee said.



Source: Breitbart – Spike Lee to Black Lives Matter: It Wasn’t a Cop That Executed 9-Year-Old Tyshawn Lee

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