When Texas governor Greg Abbott said that Texans should “be tolerant” of anyone they see with a handgun in light of the state’s recent decision to allow concealed carry permit holders to openly display their sidearms, one thing he didn’t think about is that every single person carrying a gun isn’t necessarily licensed to do so — but he effectively told residents to accept that every single handgun they see is legal…because reasons.

Unfortunately, this simply empowers the criminal element — after all, according to the NRA, everyone with a gun is a “good guy” who will save the world. That is, until the “good guy” rips off his mask and reveals that he was a “bad guy” all along.

On Tuesday, a “bad guy with a gun” (who looks exactly like a “good guy” until he actually begins shooting) fired numerous rounds at a vehicle containing a family that had done nothing worse than make a wrong turn, severely injuring a child. The family was in the area looking for a tire shop when they became lost and pulled into the parking lot of some townhouses to reroute their GPS.

According to investigators, the car’s lights were shining on another car. The occupant became annoyed, walked toward the family’s vehicle and fired nine shots, one of them piercing through the vehicle’s taillight and striking a 6-year-old girl, the bullet lodging itself into her spine. Panicked, the driver attempted to escape as the shooter fired four more rounds at the vehicle as it exited the property. The family drove down the street to a motel and flagged down an officer. The little girl was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

A SWAT team detained a person of interest who was arrested on unrelated charges, but he has still not been charged in the child’s shooting according to police.

Source: Addicting Info – Texas ‘Responsible Gun Owner’ Shoots 6-Year-Old In Spine After Family Makes Wrong Turn

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